Michelle Young

YSDN 4003 Advanced Topics in Interactivity


This week I looked into three different topic ideas and analyzed sources of inspiration for each topic. The ideas I chose to elaborate on were Time Capsules, Sleep Patterns and Anonymous Chatting. I conducted initial research about relevant information about each topic then considered questions such as "If this was your topic, what would the goal of the project be? What do you like about this idea? What could potentially be your inspirations for this project? How do you imagine the general visual design of the project?" +


This week after doing the presentation for my 3 topic ideas and suggestion I reviewed all the HMW peer papers generated from the class for further analysis, then seperated them into each topic. I took in most of the commonly asked questions or ones that were intriguing+


Looking into answering the questions from the HMW workshop and considering the questions "What is the primary goal of your screen-based/application project? What are its secondary goals? Which medium/platform are you focusing on, and why? In which capacities will your screen-based project solve a human problem? What keywords (multiple!) best describe the theme of your project? What is the intended audience? In which way will users be encouraged to use your interface over and over again? Based on your research and the How Might We workshop, what is the unique value proposition of your digital solution? How will you evaluate the success of your interface?" I created a statement of intent elaborating on information from my initial idea proposal. +


This week I looked further into the time concept concept. I reviewed the crazy 8s workshop papers and applied some ideas/concepts from the suggestions into my wireframes. I also researched and thought about different smart glasses, thinking about the practicality and ease of use for the potential user.+


This week I created moodboards to serve my design direction in the high fidelity/interactive prototype. I also brainstormed a few app name ideas, and considered the logo and typeface. Some names I thought of were: time capsule, memories, hidden delights, and my time. +


This week I tried a variety of animation tools such as Atomic, Origami and Principle. I used Atomic (+) which felt easy to use and intuitive but lacked the precision and range of motion I aspired to implement. Then I also used Origami (+)which I found a bit hard to use even after watching multiple videos, and not very visual. I settled on using Principle as I felt that it allowed more detailed control of the animations.+


I wanted to express the feeling of the brand through the marketing website, and then have all the elements that make up the application in the design system/style guide. +