Team 3 - Le Petit Artiste

YSDN 3005 — Design & Systems

Project Brief

We are a group of students from York University and we are currently developing a web app for kids visiting Varley Art Gallery’s recent exhibition Les Plasticiens. The kids will be using this app to interact and learn more about each piece presented in the gallery.

This app will allow kids to play games and find information that will educate them about the artworks. After completing each game, they will be notified that they won a new craft material which they can use to [complete/create] their own masterpiece! When you run the app it will take you to a main page that you can choose your type of activity.

Our prototype–Le Petit Artiste–melds digital games with real-world rewards to ensure an engaging and educational experience for the user. While our target demographic when designing the app was 8-14 year olds, we think the basic framework could be adapted meet any age.